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The continuing adventures of the master thief Lupin III.

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original title: Rupan sansei: Part III

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Fantasy


imdb: 8.1

duration: 30min



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The continuing adventures of the master thief Lupin III. Lupin the Third follows the adventures of the greatest thief in the world, who also happens to be a suave gentleman. Aided by two partners, expert marksman Jigen and samurai master Goemon, Lupin's madcap adventures take him around the world stealing extraordinary treasures, helping damsels in distress, staying one step ahead of Inspector Zenigata and matching wits with rival thief, the beautiful and dangerous Fujiko. This is the third part in the famous animated series of Lupin the third created by Monkey Punch. The first part of course, is considered as they best one, which contains a more strategic plot and focuses more on the escapes of Lupin. The second part in the series on the other hand, was the most successful one, consisting of a Lupin with a red jacket. In the previous one, Lupin had a greenish blue jacket. For the second part, 150 episodes were created and they focused immensely on the adventures of Lupin, which were accompanied with great humor. The third part in the series, on the other hand, appears to be quiet different - especially in the drawings. Lupin has a different look, a larger face with a more caricature look. His jacket is pink and it seems that the drawings are exaggerated to some extent. A possible explanation could be to make the show funnier and in one way it had succeeded. I don't quiet remember this series because i watched a long time ago, but i would have to conclude that it was the weakest in comparison to the previous two. Nevertheless, it consists of great fun and lot of Lupin adventures and i definitively conclude that it's worth watching. *** out of **** This was known as the least favorite series of the Lupin franchise. Not only was it known as the 3rd Lupin TV series. But it also got the nickname of it being the "Pink Jacket series" because of Lupin wearing a pink jacket, instead of traditional green or common red.

Unlike the first other 2 TV series. Which were both admired by the fans. This one focuses more on slap stick humor rather than smart humor. Contains the same actors who portray their trademark roles. And directed by the same dude who did the third movie. See my review on that one for further detail.

I only seen a few episodes of this anime. But I can assure to not expect it to be an all great anime. And it's not a high recommendation for those who want to know more about Lupin. This one is a weak example of how great Lupin the 3rd really is.

But it's a good thing that there'll never be another pink jacket related Lupin anime anytime soon.


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